Malibu Extreme

May 16, 2007

Length: 15′
Width: 31.5″
Weight: 57 lbs.
Max. Weight Capacity: 525 lbs.


1. Great Stability; you couldn’t tip this kayak if you wanted to.
2. The weight capacity in this kayak is over 400 lbs.
3. Very friendly cockpit which has a great center hatch and is very east to outfit.
4. A clever scupper hole system makes for a dry seating area.
5. Considering the size of this kayak it moves surprisingly fast.


1. It’s size and weight make it hard to load and unload. With the right technique it can be overcome.
2. There is some hull slap.
3. The flat bottom design does make for a bumpy ride in rough water and the Extreme will take some water over in choppy seas and there has been complaints about the way it handles and flexes in big water.

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Not for rough water, Feb 16, 2006
reviewer: Jesse Abile from Norfolk, VA
The Extreme was my first kayak and it really looked perfect and it was not that bad just found that it couldnt take the surf launching and big waves and chop that my buddies Prowler 15′ could. I also found that I could never keep water out of the front hatch when it got rough, I called Malibu and they said just go tight on the straps and believe me I did. I sold it and only lost a couple smackers. I have heard that other have had that some problem with that front hatch also. The kayak is very comfortable but the Prowler 15′ is a dream when it gets nasty out and the speed is awesome.

Still Extremely Pleased, May 05, 2005
reviewer: Fishingator from jacksonville, fla
Well I’m back! Its been a while since my 1st review here as G & G Fishing Team, although thats still alive. Absolutely seasoned for N.E. Fla Intercoastal and backwaters. Still don’t need a rudder and never will. Never have come close to turning over. I have been in this yak in cold, hot, wind and waves 1-2′ and occassionally larger. Sturdy dry ride. No scupper plugs needed in this yak. I have paddled in 25-35 mph winds. Yes it was hard to paddle, but I did manage. I don’t make it a habit to fish in those conditions anyway. I invested in a BendingBranches Paddle which was a big plus. I fish out of this yak all day long with no back ache and actually is comfortable, GT High Back seat with 1″ foam pad under it works wonders. Turns great and much better when you learn seasoned techniques of paddling. Easy to reach around to get at rear hatch and cooler behind seat. Hatch under legs is truely one of the best items of yak. I store lots of tackle and stuff in this as well as the rear hatch and very easy to get at. I have placed this yak on a very good quality scale and it weighted 69lbs. This is a 2004 model. 80lbs? Beats me! Plenty fast for me. I’m a fisher not a touring person. I carry 4 rods, have 4 recess holders and a triple scotty rod holder as well. Never get water inside, never. I do not fish in 4-6′ waves unless in my center console. Hull is solid and has taken much abuse from oyster beds and keeps on going. I’d buy it again. I will also buy another Malibu soon…maybe a 2006 model. Nice to ride the Escalade of yaks! Rusty G.(Fishingator)

On Second Thought, Apr 20, 2005
reviewer: LunaSea from Homestead, FL
After having posted the relatively glowing review of my Malibu eXtreme prior to this post, I have since been out in it in some moderately adverse conditions, namely head winds and facing tides. My eX almost came to a dead stop when I came around a bend into brisk 20-25 mph winds coming across an open bay, and it was very difficult to make any meaningful headway against the wind. Indeed, I may as well have been paddling a tree trunk! Another time I was trying to access an interior bay though a creek during a strong outgoing tide, and again it was virtually impossible to make any headway. I would have to blame this on its flat bottom and weight of 80 pounds (don’t believe the advertised weight!)

I have recently put my eX up for sale on consignment and am looking for a yak that can get me through these conditions with less of a struggle. Right now I’m seriously considering a 15′ 8″ Kaskazi Dorado, a fiberglass yak manufactured in South Africa.

In retrospect though, I did like the layout of the eX. Plenty of leg room, plenty of storage room, plenty of room, period, and easy to accessorize. And you can sit on a gunwale with your legs hanging overboard and there’s not even a hint of it wanting to tip. For the right person in the right conditions it’s a fine fishing yak. But if you’re likely to encounter adverse conditions where you fish, and want to make it back to the dock that same day, there are other yaks that can handle those conditions easier than an eX.

That’s my humble opinion.

eXtreme, Feb 27, 2005
reviewer: Cal from L.I.NY
Malibu eXtreme.After owning the eX for 2 yrs going into my third,and using the boat in all conditions I’ll try and give a short,precise review.The boat is used mainly as a fishing kayak.I have the first issue boat there have been 3 molds of the boat.

My boat is a bit lighter and a bit faster than the newer boats although the CP is a bit shorter than the new boats.Hull is the same flat bottom.Well the performance,stability,comfort,storage and dryness of the eX is hard to beat (in my opinion)by any other manufactured as a fishing kayak.I will not say it’s the very best boat out there but when you put it all together it does seem hard to beat.I’ve tried all the major boats that are used for fishing and always come back saying I could never give up the eX for this Kayak.Yes some are faster (not by much).Maybe one more stabile,(FND)I don’t think there’s one drier or more comfortable to fish out of over long periods of time.The negatives of the boat are it’s weight and some hull slap.So the positive surley out weigh the negatives.AS far as fishing kayaks go I truly believe try all of them to see what’s good for you.For me I made the right choice.

Rolls Royce of Fishing Kayaks, Feb 11, 2005
reviewer: LunaSea from Homestead, FL USA
I’m 6′, 200 lbs. (too old, too fat, don’t care!) and find my Extreme to be ultra-roomy, super stable, and faster than its weight would dictate. The advertised weight is 57 lbs. but with 3 hatches, high-back seat, and rudder system attached, the yak weighs exactly 80 lbs. I still have no problem loading it on-off the top of my Chevy pick-up that is equipped with a Yakima bar rack on the cab and an elevated trailer hitch rack. An Extend-A-Truck hitch also allows me to just slide the yak into the bed with the stern supported by the hitch (for shorter trips). The Extreme’s cockpit area is very friendly and mine is equipped with a 12volt, 12amp battery that powers a Garmin 250 fishfinder and running lights, and also has a portable Garmin 76S Map GPS mounted in a holder along with a Ritchie compass. Storage is the best of any yak I’ve seen and I find that the center hatch is great for storing my Plano bait container (with the hatch cover off). Very convenient. I also have a Kayak Koffin insulated fish bag strapped on top of the bow hatch, a kayak Bimini top to keep out of the hot South Florida sun, and an external speaker unit to plug in my iPod so I can listen to Bob Marley or Jimmy Buffett while I paddle or fish. Decadent? You bet! There is some hull slap in chop but nothing of consequence. And if you take a purposeful swim (you can’t tip this yak if you tried) you can climb back on board without any problem. So if you’re looking for a great exercise machine that holds beer, take a serious look at a Malibu Extreme. Like their ad says, it’s the Rolls Royce of Fishing Kayaks.

Fishing Kayak, Dec 29, 2004
reviewer: Ted R from Kingsville, TX
I really have enjoyed my Ex, but there are a few problems I have noticed; if there is a head chop I notice I will get some water in my front hatch, I guess it works its way under the lid. Also when I have been out in some rough conditions I notice that my friends Tarpon 140 really perfoms much better. Also, I am not sure about the weight they have listed but this thing was on the scale at 80 lbs. I do enjoy the stability and great layout of it and looking forwad to trying their new X-factor.

Extremely Pleased!, Sep 22, 2004
reviewer: G & G Fishing Team from Jacksonville, Florida
Hgt: 6′ Wgt.230lbs. leg inseam 32″. I fish with my partner, Perry, who also bought one at same time and shares this review. We fish marshes and creeks of the intercoastal waterways. Draft, 3″ hard bottom, 2″with mud bottom. Dry ride. Very stable. Tracks well. I don’t use a rudder but agree that if drifting with wind it would come in handy. Moving factory installed adjustable footpeg bracket forward gives me the room I need to completely lay my legs flat, although most of the time you have them bent anyway. Speed is great. I don’t race touring yacs and I don’t drag race my 4×4. Everything is relevant. If you want storage, stablity and room to accessorize to you desires, this boat is it. I am new to yaking but will get better at standing up(Haven’t fallen yet!). There is wave slap while sideways to ripples but the fish I catch don’t seem to care. Hatch under your legs is very handy and allows storage of trash, anchor, tackle, camera etc. The coating they spray on the interior not only deadens the sound, but it keeps things from sliding around. Rain will all drain from the deck, footwell, seat and tank areas due to slopes and drain channels to nearest scupper. Front hatch allows storage of several 7’+, one piece rods as well as tackleboxes, drybags, paddles and other gear all at one time. Factory livewell will fit nicely behind seat and turning around to get to it or anything in the tank well is easy due to how stable this is. My first thoughts of seeing fishing kayaks with all of the depth finders,GPS,rods,cellphones,livewells was “Are these guys nuts? One wrong move and over they go” Was I wrong! Never while setting in this kayak will that thought come to you. Hec, slap a tv and satellite dish on to watch sports! I would recommend this kayak for beginners as well as seasoned yakers.

EXTREME!, Aug 21, 2004
reviewer: Riddler from R.I.
Hgt: 5’9″ Wgt: 220 leg inseam: 30″ I have fished with the Extreme for two years now from New England to a trip down to Florida to fish the lagoons. I have logged a lot of fishing time on this kayak chasing Stripe Bass, Bluefish, Cod and if lucky palegics of various kinds. I fish open ocean, bays, estuaries, light rivers, lagoons. My needs are stability and thats what comes with the Extreme. Once in a while I like to stand and sightcast to fish in the shallows. It also has enough speed to get me where I need to go. Whether I need to go miles or less the Extreme has done the task. I have alot of space for storage and can easily put my cart in and if needed carry camping gear. The tankwell is enormous and will hold the biggest crates for storing gear as well. The flat surfaces in the cockpit allow me to mount fishfinder, rodholders, gps and still be able to paddle without limitation. I have the model with all the hatches and rodholders except the rudder. I would recommmend buying with the rudder to help aid in drifting and trolling with wind at your back. I would recommend this kayak to a beginner or veteran of the sport.

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Submitted by: River Alph
My Extreme is 2 years old it is stable fun has a huge storage hatch and weight capacity. It is a great fishing kayak I’ve had it in 2 foot swells a mile in the ocean.’ The down side is it’s heavy and bulky. This makes and almost impossible to carry to the beach by yourself, also in heavy seas and surf the front hatch leaks and takes on water 10 or 20 waves over the bow you have a boat half full of water so make sure you have your pump.
Rating: 7 of 10

Submitted by: RFB
I have had my eXtreme since early September 04. It is stable enough to stand on. And I have had it out 2 1/2 miles to an offshore Oil Rig. There is plenty of cargo space. It handles well. And when paddling against a current I find it has to be real, real strong to stop it. I find its stability the best issue. No kayak is fast so I don’t know that is an issue. But if your not doing whitewater or a lot of surf. I am very pleased with it.
Rating: 9 of 10

Submitted by: —
This is truly a great yak! If you dive, snorkel or fish, check out the Malibu Exteme. My new Extreme tracks nicely and rides through the choppy Florida intracoastal waters with ease. I had taken out the Percussion Illusion and liked it, but I opted for the the Malibu Extreme… I was sold on the its hugh cargo capacity and terrific stability. For a sit-on-top, the ride is nice and dry… I love it! The Ex is fun, fast, stable and beautiful… Malibu kayaks are backed by a lifetime warranty! I highly recommend this impressive kayak.
Rating: 10 of 10

Submitted by: Bernie
The eX is IMO the finest fishing yak on the market.Track’s great and is the most stable yak on the market.Not many 15′ yaks turn well but this one does.The speed is also quite good but they have slowed down a bit since Malibu added more plastic.They had a problem with the seat post’s cracking.They stopped production till they got everything sorted out but the added material/weight has eaten up some of the speed.Slower than the OK Prowler but not by much.It has more storage space/weight capacity than you’ll ever need.The deck layout is the best for mounting accesories.There’s quite a few options/packages available from Malibu.I got mine with 4 flush mount rod holders.Two up front,2 behind the seat.The huge bow hatch can swallow anything.It’s a “bubble” design and you can actually store stuff within the hatch itself.I also got the large rectangular hatch’s right in front of the seat and another just behind the seat.These are great.I can get most of my rods,tackle box,etc in these without having to go up to the bow hatch.Not that that’s a problem.The stability allows you to do anything you want without worry of flipping the yak.You can stand in this one.The boat is totally dry.No water comes in any of the scupper’s.The TW is huge but not very deep.It has a slight round recess in the bottom for a bucket.Mine has the adjustable straps so nothings going anywhere.Went with the STS high back seat.Very comfortable and came with a zippered pouch on the back and two water bottles/holders.I use the bottle holders for my fly rods.They hold them great but not all fit depending on reel size.All in all an incredible yak.Just plain luxurious is the best way to describe it.If your looking for a big yak(14′ or more)this one should be high on your list.Not as easy to deal with as smaller boats but they cant match it’s speed or tracking.There’s some hull slap but not as bad as the Cobra’s.There’s a couple that are faster and perhaps a little easier to paddle in chop but they just cant match the eX’s “Fishability”.Good luck!
Rating: 9 of 10

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Malibu Extreme – Myself and fishing buddy, Perry, are avid shallow and inland water fishers. Our stomping grounds are mainly in the marshes and creeks off the inter-coastal waterways. We were in the need for a simple way to get at the fish besides our boats. We test rode several kayaks and figured all were wet and somewhat unstable. We saw the extreme and its specs. and went to the nearest dealer. Not only did he give us a 30 day bring back warranty, but customer service was great. We bought two and began our mission of becoming true yakers. I am 230 lbs and 6′ and Perry is 6’1 and 175 lbs. We have never kayaked. The kayaks tracked very well and did not need rudders. But with strong crosswinds, I imagine most sots, including this one would hold a line easier with one. These are dry kayaks. Fully loaded with cooler, fishing equipment and gear, the water was still 1″ minimum below the foot scuppers in my yak. Rain drains into the scuppers and does not puddle due to sloped areas and drainage channels which are also sloped. The ride is very stable and boat waves are no challenge. I actually can stand up but I wouldn’t suggest dancing. The hatch under your legs is great, lots of room. Front hatch allows you to put several 7’+ one-piece rods, tackle box and dry bag in at same time. Getting in and out is easy. Set sidesaddle and slip out. Re enter the same way or in deeper water, crawl in, roll over and set up. There is wave slap when sideways to the larger ripples but not head on. The legroom could be 1-2″ longer, but I’m relocating the adjustable foot pegs bracket which will take care of that. Factory should install these as far forward as possible, they have the room. I am installing a factory bait well, which is one of the best looking one I’ve seen. I wish I had a dollar for every time we say “This is great” when yaking. Rusty G Jacksonville, Fla.

Malibu Extreme. After owning the eX for 2 yrs going into my third, and using the boat in all conditions I’ll try and give a short, precise review. The boat is used mainly as a fishing kayak. I have the first issue boat there have been 3 molds of the boat. My boat is a bit lighter and a bit faster than the newer boats although the CP is a bit shorter than the new boats. Hull is the same flat bottom. Well the performance, stability, comfort, storage and dryness of the eX is hard to beat (in my opinion) by any other manufactured as a fishing kayak. I will not say it’s the very best boat out there but when you put it all together it does seem hard to beat. I’ve tried all the major boats that are used for fishing and always come back saying I could never give up the eX for this Kayak. Yes some are faster (not by much). Maybe one more stabile, (FND) I don’t think there’s one drier or more comfortable to fish out of over long periods of time. The negatives of the boat are its weight and some hull slap. So the positive surly out weigh the negatives. AS far as fishing kayaks go I truly believe try all of them to see what’s good for you. For me I made the right choice. calfarml
Malibu Extreme – I’ve had this yak for about 7 months now, it is my first and I’d never yaked before, and when I got it I had no other option other the the FnD. I’m 6’2″ and pushing 300#. I know big guy eh’.. I’ve done guite a bit of fishing on the texas coast out of it and I love it. Dry, even with me and my gear. Stable, I stand in it!! Tracks well, yet the type of drift fishing I do, I will be getting a rudder soon. This thing is awsome though, and I would get another one if need be, and I would suggest one to anyone looking to stay dry and worry free. Enjoy!

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